U.S. Tied to Torture in Yeman – 30 min podcast

Why should I listen to this report?

While the rest of the world is somewhat shocked by this new report, we at islamiclens.com are not. Torture is not a new practice for the US. It’s a fact that the US via the CIA has been torturing detainees in US custody for decades. It’s also a fact that the CIA already has numerous prisons across the globe they refer to as ‘black sites’ where the torture takes place. They even hired a bunch of psychologists during the Bush administration to improve their torture techniques. We also know that since the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner scandal of 2003, that the US military also tortures its detainees. And as far as the UAE is concerned, they are just another corrupt mafia style government, so of course, they use torture tactics, that’s no surprise. (For more info regarding this be to read “The Corruption Formula”)

So why then are we posting this report? Because supposedly torture is “banned” and more importantly torture doesn’t work, this has been proven time and time again ( a good book about why torture doesn’t work here).

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