The Broken Century by James Scotmore, 5 min vid

The Broken Century by James Scotmore, 5 min vid

This video written and presented by James Scotmore does a fanatic job of highlight and exposing the corrupt nature of capitalism as a system driving the the modern civilization today.  As he writes, “in this society, there are many far reaching ethical implications that come from our actions.”


While we at feel this video is very educational and definitely worth watching, it must be mentioned that during the video James refers to religions (including Islam) as “human constructs” and not something to be followed.  He’s right and wrong…definitely some religions and more importantly, what some people throughout history have done with religion, are human constructs.  Just like at how Islam has been used and manipulated in the last 100 years proves his point for sure, BUT Islam the religion, the way of life, the ideology, Islam at it’s core, is NOT a human construct.

We believe and follow Islam because our human mind concludes through sound logic & intelligent that there is a creator, and this creator speak to his creation through the perfect linguistic miracle that is Quran.  In other words, the Quran is not a human construct.  The irony is that many, if not all, the problems that this video exposes, Islam has a law/guideline that would eliminate these problems.  But until us Muslims get our intellectual act together, this video will be the new reality of life for a long time.

Please watch and think.

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