Seasons in the Abyss: Navigating the Western Social Climate | Mad Mamluks w/Mobeen Vaid – 150 min podcast

Why should I listen to this podcast?

“The Mad Mamluks” had guest Mobeen Vaid in to discuss a variety of different issues like liberalism, feminism, transgender-ism, etc… This podcast is defiantly worth listening to!

Mobeen Vaid is a Muslim public intellectual and writer. His writings center on how traditional Islamic norms and frames of thinking intersect the modern world.

As of late, he has focused on Islamic sexual and gender norms. Vaid also speaks at confessional conferences, serves as an adviser to Muslim college students, and was campus minister for the Muslim community while a student at George Mason University.

He has reviewed The Study Qur’an for the Journal of Islamic Sciences and published “‘And the Male is Not Like the Female’: Sunni Islam and Gender Nonconformity.”

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