Israeli-Iranian proxy war, 11 min vid

Israeli-Iranian proxy war, 11 min vid

This is another good video analysis by Caspian Report in which they discuss the recent escalated tensions between Israel and Iran.

Besides being a good analysis of events in this part of the world, this video also indirectly exposes the ‘myth’ about Israel’s power as a country.

Muslims today seem to be somehow convinced that Israel a) is much stronger that it really, and b) it somehow rules the world and the US along with it.

This couldn’t be further the truth, and this video will help you understand this statement.

The following description is from the producers of the video:

BAKU – Over the weekend, on the night between December 1st and 2nd, an unidentified aircraft fired five missiles at a military position that was undergoing renovations in the Damascus province in Syria. Two of the missiles were intercepted but the airstrike still caused substantial damage. Although Israel did not take responsibility for the airstrike, no one has any illusions about the identity of the warplanes that conducted the attack. Likewise, no one has misconceptions about the purpose of the Iranian base that was bombed. The sequence of events shows that the Israeli and Iranian rivalry is entering a new phase. The two are in fact waging a war by other means.

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