Is Feminism Dangerous? A Muslim Deconstruction (Harvard) – 170 lecture vid

Is Feminism Dangerous? A Muslim Deconstruction (Harvard) – 170 lecture vid

Why should I watch this?

Daniel Haqiqatjou and Nour Goda discuss feminism’s intellectual history as well as contemporary feminist discourse. They ask whether Muslims can be feminists given the moral and theological implications of feminist thought.

There is also a Q&A portion of the program where feminist audience members challenge the conclusions and arguments made by the speakers.

Below is the outline of the lecture:

Minutes               Topics

0 – 4                      Introduction (this is very boring, can be skipped)

4 – 6                      Can men even address the issue of Feminism?

6 – 11                    Being against Feminism doesn’t mean one is against women’s rights.

11 – 17                  History of Feminism…it 100% has been a tool and a destructive force not just against Muslims and Muslim lands, but overall societies.

17 – 26                  Muslim society used to be family-centered societies, instead of today’s modern world of ‘state’ centered societies.  The saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” is sadly gone today.

26 – 32                  Feminism is a tool/weapon to disrupt family-based societies to switch and open-up these societies to corporations.

32 – 34                  Today the corporate based society is so individualistic, which has lead to so many people suffering from depression and generally dissatisfied.

35 – 45                  The roots of Feminism arguments started from European colonial thoughts, they used Feminism to justify all kinds of horrible acts.

46 – 49                  The 2nd wave of Feminism was no longer about “civilizing the savages”, but rather they said we need to “develop the 3rd world”, which was just more of the same brutality and a means to control people and their resources.

49 – 51                  The 3rd wave of Feminism was a mess, instead of simple questioning the roles of men and women in society… Feminism in this wave started questioning the biological roles of men & women, which gave birth to questioning whether you ARE a man or women.

51 – 54                  The lack of gender roles has lead to today’s ‘rape culture’ and ‘sexual harassment’ issues.

54 – 57                  The wage gap myth is addressed

57 – 1:02              Feminism is a gateway to be anti-Islam, or specifically against Islamic law, but we can undo this damage.

1:04 – 1:06          Feminism is not a solution for the injustices faced by Muslim women

1:07 – 1:13          The rhetoric of Feminism is exposed.  The face of the matter is that Feminism is an Ideology and is therefore in competition with Islam.

1:13 – 1:14          Men & women are different in some respects, but these differences complement and harmonize each other, and Islam’s rules represent this.

1:15 – 1:18          Muslim Feminist are being funded and supported by the Left in the US and Muslims are falling in this hole for political gains of some sort.

1:19 – 1:21          Men can understand and speech on women’s issues, for was not our Prophet (saaw) a male?

1:22 – 1:26          Identity policies are exposed…

1:26 – 1:30          Is Islam against Feminism?

1:32 till end        Question & Answers

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